Opening Hours

Opening Hours of the Outlet Park

from Mon. to Thu. 11:00~21:30
Fri. (including the Day before Holiday) 11:00~22:00
from Sat. to Sun.(including Holiday) 10:30~22:00

※ Please refer to the announcement in the Park for updated opening hours in any special condition

Service Content of the Counter

  • Floor & Event Guide

  • Paging

  • First Aid Kits

  • Lost Property /
    Found Property Arrangement

  • Receipt &
    Invoice Service

  • Stamp for Invoice for Tax-Refund

  • Parking Discount

  • Customer Feedback

Floor Guide ※Please refer to the floor guide for details

Other Services

  • Breastfeeding Room INMALL 1F/2F/GF
  • Diaper Changing Table Whole Building
  • Toilet for Children INMALL 1F/2F
  • Accessible Toilet Whole Building
  • Accessible Elevator Whole Building
  • Apparel Alteration (paid service) OUTMALL 1F
  • Electronic Lockers OUTMALL 1F INMALL 1F/GF
  • Smoking Room  INMALL 1F/2F
  • Automated External Defibrillator (AED)  INMALL 1F/2F
  • Taxi Stand North Exit
  • Shuttle Bus
  • Paid Strollers INMALL/1F/2F
  • Free Wi-Fi Each Floor
Floor Guide ※Please refer to the floor guide for details

Tax-Refund Information

  • Location

    Service Counter at 1F

  • Applicant

    Customer stays in R.O.C. for less than 183 days since the day of entry with any of the following identification:

    A Non-R.O.C. Passport

    An R.O.C. Passport not furnished with National ID Card Number

    Travel Permits

    Entry/Exit Permits

    Temporary Visitor Permits


  • Amount

    Over NT2,000 in one day (tax included, to be conducted from the 1st of May, 2016)

  • Application Time

    On the day in which the shopping was made (during the opening hours)

  • Duty Free Goods

    Any daily ware or goods except:
    Consumables or services, such as food or shipping fees, that have been partly or totally consumed
    ※The goods should be carried by the applicant when leaving R.O.C. after this stay. (Must be carried out abroad within 90 days)

  • Required Documents

    Receipt or invoice of shopping made on the same day(tax-refund would not be accept for receipt or invoice from shops other than Sanxin Outlets)
    Passport or entry/exit permits of the applicant
    A VAT Refund Claim Form for Eligible Goods Purchased by Foreign Traveler will be made.

  • Tax return

    5% of the vending price (included).

  • Transaction fees

    20% of the returned tax.

  • Tax return method

    Cash, cheque and credit card.

  • Process

    The VAT Refund Claim Form for Eligible Goods Purchased by Foreign Traveler, receipt or invoice, and the purchased goods should be presented to the customs for inspection and tax-refund.

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